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We offer 2 state of the art, top of the line, level 3, lay down, 15 minute beds and 1, 12 minute Classic Leg Tanning machine with a new technology clear glass bulb that allows all the UV rays to not be filtered prior to reaching the client like the old standard bulb do. This allows the client to achieve a golden, deep tan, as quickly as possible without the orange you see from lower end bulbs. We have several tanning packages and lotions to suit every tanners needs. Here at Glamor Us Salon your safety is always our first priority while providing you with a HOT tan that everyone else will be envious of!

Lay Down      
Single Tan      $7.00 
5 Tans     $30.00
10 Tans     $50.00
2 Weeks     $40.00
1 Month     $60.00
By the Minute      $0.70
Single Tan     $5.00
Minute     $0.60

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