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Permanent Makeup

  • Permanent Makeup
  • Eyebrows        $375
  • Eyeliner (both upper & lower)    $375
  • Upper OR Lower    $275
  • Beauty Mark        $60
  • Touch Ups (Brows OR Eyeliner)    $250 and up
  • Scar Blending (Camouflaging) - Consultation Required

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Permanent Make Up
Cosmetic Tattooing also known as Medical Micro Pigmentation (permanent Makeup) has been used to enhance appearances since the 1920’s by using the art of depositing small and precisely placed molecules of pigment directly into the dermal layer of the skin. Since then, the permanent makeup industry has grown dramatically.  

How people feel about their appearance affects their whole outlook on life! Permanent makeup is not just for movie stars.  The benefits are enjoyed by many who have allergies, wear contact lenses, have watery eyes, shaky hands, people with visual impairments, scar camouflaging, areola re-pigmentation, athletes, swimmers.  Anyone who wants to look their best 24/7 will enjoy permanent makeup.

Wendy Stone states: “My pigments are all Organic, non-iron oxide, hypo-allergenic, and MRI/Cat Scan safe.  My ink has been used in this industry since 1985 with NO reactions.  My ink stays true to color with minimal fading (usually caused by excessive sun exposure).”

There are several methods of application available on the market today.  I believe that some are too aggressive.   I use either the tapping method or the rotary pen, depending the area to be addressed.  These methods are less painful with less swelling and bruising and in turn you heal faster.  Many people find the tapping method to be less painful than having their eyebrows tweezed!  All of my equipment is single use, sterilized and disposable for your safety.  I am a PMA/Tattoo Artist and certified through the State of Oregon Health Licensing Office.  I also hold cross contamination, blood born pathogens and first aid – CPR certifications.


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